Berlin Drinks is a collaboration between Sarah Liewehr and Liv Fleischhacker. Sarah has worked as a editor for a spirit magazine for years and Liv has been writing about food and drink culture since 2014. One frustrated night, on the hunt for a local watering hole in a foreign neighborhood, we came to the conclusion that there wasn't a singular destination to find Berlin bars. So we created it.                         Sarah writes in German, Liv writes in English. Our name is as straight-forward as our mission - one website, all of Berlin's best bars, grouped into four categories:

Most of them are self explanatory, but indulge us for a moment.

Wine bars are a mix of fancy wine bars (from natural wine to reliable Riesling bars), to cozy neighbourhood spots that offer a nibble next to your wine, as well as small Italian lunch spots that simply happen to offer lovely wines.

Beer bars are mainly craft beer bars, though we won't hesitate to throw an old school Bierkneipe into the mix. 

Kiezkneipen might just be our favorite category: neighborhood bars that you wouldn't necessarily travel through town for, but are perfect if you're staying in the area or happen to pass through and are on the lookout for something to quench your thirst.

Cocktails are our area of expertise. Through many hard years of research we've scoured the city for the best bartenders, secret bars, as well as the best classics and experimental drinks.                    

Never not thirsty.